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Sponsorship Opportunities


Sponsoring Arlington Pride is good for business, good for the community, and good for Texas. The LGBTQ+ is a financial force to be reckoned with, boasting buying power of $1 trillion, according to LGBT Capitol, nearly 80% of which thinks more positively about companies and organizations that support LGBTQ+ events.  

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Why Sponsor Arlington Pride? 

Our organization is dedicated to producing a celebration that promotes a diverse, inclusive, and positive image of our LGBTQ+ community. Your sponsorship of the Arlington pride 2024 ensures positive exposure to a community with over $1.4 trillion in buying power in the United States. When you sponsor our annual pride celebration, it does more than expose your company to this powerful demographic. It encourages fellowship and support that helps foster a sense of community and encourages all LGBTQ+ persons to live openly and with pride. 


As a community, we are fiercely loyal and have a strong brand conscious for companies that support us both locally and nationally. All proceeds from our events - after expenses - are donated to our beneficiary community organization. This is a very important celebration for the Arlington and North Texas LGBTQ communities and our sponsors are what make it all possible. We hope that you will consider being a part of this amazing celebration. 


North Texas businesses know that the LGBTQ+ community

is a big part of the power behind the economic activity in the area. Arlington pride 2024 is an opportunity to tap into that power.

DeeJay Johannessen

CEO, HELP Center for LGBT Health & Wellness

LGBT Buying Power


The U.S. LGBTQ+ buying power estimates surpassed 


 in 2021*


LGBTQ+ households spent an

average of $4,135 at retail stores,


than non-LGBTQ consumers.**

The average LGBTQ+ household net worth ranges from

$100K to $499K

with two income producing individuals, no kids, the LGBTQ+ community has lots of discretionary income.


LGBTQ+ households make

10% MORE

shopping trips in a year than

the average U.S. household.***

*The Pride Co-op; **Nielsen 2015 LGBTQ Consumer Report; ***US Census Bureau, 2013 American Community Survey

2024 Sponsorships

This year, we have the location, the star power, and the marketing lead time to justify expectations of a crowd of 5,000 from all over the Metroplex. Corporate sponsorship levels ranging from $30,000 to $2,500 are available, but their number is limited. Grab yours today! 

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